Comprehensive Services

We handle a single process of fulfillment, from storage of goods, deliveries and reports.

I would like to present my warmest welcome to PT IDcommerce Service Solution website.

Indonesia has entered a developing era on selling, purchasing, marketing, and services online system. This can be proved by the increasing number of online transaction for 11,9% of the Indonesia total population also the achievement income from online transaction through marketplace for 9,1 Million USD on 2018.  This number will increase continuolsy  and bring Indonesia as the fastest and biggest country on online transaction development.

The significant development of Indonesia infrastructure has created a new segment of online transaction. At the very first time, the online transaction centered on Java island, and the time goes by, it moves to geosentric level where the consumers and sellers play their roles. This will become a stepping stone for online transaction distributed fairly and make a huge impact toward the business development. The orders that managed appropriately, integrated with the efficiency of stock management and accurate delivering system will bring the quality of digital commerce in Indonesia into international level.

Therefore, PT IDcommerce Service Solution commit to bring you the best services with the foremost breakthrough and provide innovative and integrated automation order with the best stock management supported by the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) technology also the implementation of geosentric warehouse in order to fulfill the needs of our dynamic consumer with a low cost and time efficiency.