ID Commerce is the first fulfillment company in Southeast Asia to optimize the system based on AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and robot based software. The use of these technologies aims to improve the overall process, from receipt of goods, packaging, inventory management, to tracking, so that all businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia can receive clearer, smoother, and more easily accessible procedure reports.




Become the main company providing complete and comprehensive solutions in technology-based fulfillment services for E-commerce and MSME players in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.



Providing convenience services for technology-based fulfillment integration.

Prioritizing speed, accuracy and security through the use of robot based software.

Full commitment to service and customer satisfaction

Play a role in developing innovative fulfillment services in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.



Comprehensive service

We handle a single fulfillment process, from taking goods, delivering, and reporting.

Keep Innovating

We apply cutting edge technology to every fulfillment system that exists,
to maximize efficiency.

Prioritizing Customers

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our goals at work. We are committed to. always provide friendly, fast, and responsive services, and continuous support.

Responsible and Reliable

We handle customer business like our own business, with service
and the best detail

Definite Ease

Through clear procedures and the use of advanced technology, customers can easily access operational processes and report results.

Giving Appreciation

We build ongoing relationships with each member of the company and customers through two-way communication, cooperation and appreciation.


We provide quality services for all types of businesses without exception.